Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Roll Call 1600 Point Tournament

So this weekend I attended a 1600 Point Tournament in Milton Keynes hosted by Mark Borland.

There was a bit of comp, fleeing units count as destroyed at the end of the game. My list was shown on my Blog here.

Game 1 - Alex Read - Vampire Counts

Game 1 saw me up against Alex Read and his Vampire Counts. I don't get much games in and those that I do are normally against the same 2 players. Both Ogre players :( and the only other game I've had against Vampires was against a girl who I 20-0.

Alex was running with two Vampires on steeds, a Black Knight bus, a Black Coach and all the chaff in the world. I actually finished deploying before someone for once. That didn't help and Alex went first. He moved his army forward and raised some more Zombies. I think I shot 1 Black Knight off in my turn and 5 Dire Wolves.

Turn 2 saw he raise his Knight back and shuffle forward again. I didn't do much, shot off another 5 wolves with the Gutter Runners and moved towards him.

Turn 3 saw him charge me. His Knight bus went into the front of my Furnace and Monks while his coach went into the flank. A Spirit Host swarm went into my Hell Pit (I didn't take Warpstone Spikes) and was pinned. He killed a bucket of Monks while in return with the Plague Banner he was left with the two Vampires and 2-3 Black Knights. My Turn 3 saw the Furnace unleash the Wrecker attack on the Vampires and Black Knights. Killed the last of them and his General. The army then crumbled while I reformed to fight the Coach in the side and then finished it off.

End result - Skaven 20-0 Vampire Counts 1,770-46 VP's. Big win for the Skaven. After the game we had a talk and said how it should of gone. Alex forgot he had a Potion of Strength. He should have drunk it then pummeled the Furnace. Once that was gone I would loose my Unbreakable and my Strength 3 troops wouldn't pierce his armour and probably steam roller me after that. Really good game and the result seems really harsh.

Game 2  - Paul Thompson - Orcs and Goblins

Went up to Table 1 and played Orcs and Goblins. Not played these beofre but know Mangler Squigs will ruin my day along with the artillery and the chaff. He had a Orc general in a bunker, 40+ Gobbos with bows, Poison BSB and 2 Shamans, 2 Mangler Squigs, 2 Wolf Chariots, 2 Bolt Throwers, 6 Trolls, Doom Diver and Rock Lobba. He deployed a chariot and mangler either side, and had his artillery bunkered up. He went first and charged my Gutter Runners with a chariot, I shot it down. He moved his squigs and trolls and pretty much that was all. My turn I took the Mangler down with poisoned shots and the other one with the cannon and the blast also hit his 6 Trolls. Took 2 of them off too. Not much really happened. Gutter Runners took some more points, Cannon blew itself up, Hell Pit ate some Trolls chased them down into his horde archer unit with 5+ Poison and was duely cut up after 2 rounds.

End result - Skaven 13-7 Orcs & Goblins 1,022-533 VP's. Decent win. Not much I would change how I played the game to be honest.

Game 3 - Martin Parker - Ogre Kingdoms

Wasn't looking forward to this game. I got ruined, managed to take his Hunter General in Sabretusk unit and that was about it. I don't remember too much but Martin played really well and well deserved the win. His army was fantastic as well and took home best army!

End result - Skaven 5-15 Ogres Kingdoms 847-1653VP's

Game 4 - Shaun Mitchell - Skaven

Went up against Shaun's lovely Skaven army. It was always going to be a dicey game but I made some bad mistakes. Last turn he had both units of Gutter Runners and a unit of Slaves fleeing and at that point I was at 1,190 VP's and he was on 560 VP's. I went for a stupid charge with my General and BSB unit and didn't get it showing my flank to his unit. He charged and rallied his fleeing troops and broke my unit so a massive swing on his turn 6. Real bad mistake but I have learnt from it.

End result - Skaven 8-12 Skaven 750-1,094 VP's

Game 5 - Alan Thompson - Warriors of Chaos

Was a bit cagey and didn't like the opponent or that he was trying to 6 dice Gateway every turn. Ended up a win to me but he still had a level 2, 4 Dragon Ogres and his Warrior Block so it was only going to be a small win.

End result - Skaven 12-8 Warriors of Chaos 870-500

In the end Paul Thompson who I beat game 2 won the event with Martin Parker second. Paul only lost one and that was to me so a moral victory :) My first 2 day tournament saw me come 9th out of 28 people with 58/100 Tournament Points and 5,259 Victory Points. I learnt alot and look forward to my next event. Think I'll be trying out a Screaming Bell next event :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

1600 Point 2 Day Tournament

So as I've said before this weekend is the 1600 point tournament. Over the last 2 1/2 days I've been updating 35 Plague Monks, finished 10 more Stormvermin and finished a new Warlord with Fell Blade/Sword of Anti-Heroes (this weekend he will just be a Chieftain) and Skweel Gnawetooth (again just an ordinary Packmaster this weekend. I was hoping to get 9 Gutter Runners done but don't have the time. I got them stripped, rebased and undercoated but won't get round to starting let alone finishing them!

Follow me on twitter @elfordminis for updates this weekend on how I get on during the tournament. Sorry for the bad photos. Taken with my phone!

And an army shot for you of what I'm taking this weekend!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Avatars of War Herald of Pestilence

Yesterday I also painted up an Avatars of War Herald of Pestilence. I didn't want to post two in a day so here it is now. I've got 3 days off in which I need to get a lot of models done for my 1600 Skaven list for the weekend. There's a minimum of 11 models I need to complete. I also want to redo the Plague Monk as they were really quickly speed painted so looking to put a lot more paint on these guys.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coven Throne and Mortis Engine

So I finished up the Coven Throne and Mortis Engine for the Vampire Counts army. Love the models! Let me know what you think.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Bad Moons Dakka Jet

So I finished up the Bad Moons Dakka Jet. Again a joy to paint! If I had another I would do an 40's style pin up girl on the nose of the plane. Maybe I should do another ...

Heres the pictures. If you want to purchase it, here it is - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170857213187

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ork Burna-Bommer

So I missed the post Saturday. This meant due to Bank Holidays in the UK, I couldn't collect my new shiny model until Wednesday. I couldn't wait to play with the kit, get it built and painted. I was awake at 5 tending to the cat who had 7 kittens. So I was comforting her and making sure she was ok while giving birth. At 7.45am I left to go to the post office. Picked up my parcel and I sped off back home. All I managed to do yesterday is get the model built and primed and finished most of the base except for grass and water effects. Today I was like a possessed daemon. I painted non stop but finished it in time :)

Heres my effort. As always it's available on ebay here - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170856793779

Monday, 4 June 2012

Few more Vampires

I've been busy painting up some Vampires for the army. Only the Coven Throne, Blood Knights, Zombie Dragon and Terrorghiest left to do. Hoping to finish sometime next week.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

2400 Points vs Ogres

So recently I've not had time to have any games due to real life and painting so I managed to get a game in against one of my friends today. He wanted no restrictions and the points value of 2400. I told him I'm taking a competitive army as I haven't played for ages.

He took a competitive list too with inclusion of a Tyrant rather then Slaughtermaster. He also had 2 units of 2 Mournfang, 2 Ironblasters, Gutstar and some Orge Bulls aswell as characters and Sabretusks.

I took my usual 2x Grey Seer list, 3 Engineers, 3 Slaves blocks, 2 Clanrat units, 3 Rat Darts, Hell Pit, Doomwheel, 2 x Warp Lightning Cannons and 2 units of 6 or 7 Gutter Runners.

He wins first turn and is worried about the Cannons. Hits and wounds the first and only takes a wound. Shoots it down with the second Ironblaster. I stand and shoot vs a Sabretusk with the Gutter Runners and kill it. Get charged by a second. Drawn combat.

My turn my Hell Pit gets a 15" charge into a unit of 2 Mournfang. Doom wheel goes 4". Not much else. Magic doesn't do much. Cannon misfired and Doomwheel killed 3 of my Gutter Runners on other flank. Pass Panic test. I kill one Mournfang and win combat. He rolls Double 1 to stay in the fight.

He brings the rest forward including a charge with the Gutstar (including Tyrant and Bruiser) into the Doomwheel. Other unit of Mournfang fail a charge and go forward 2". Shooting brings down my other cannon. Magic does nothing again. Abomb kills second Mournfang and is now 3-4" away from an Ironblaster. Gutstar destroys Doomwheel and turn to my Clanrats with the expendable Plague Seer.

My turn, my Hell Pit charges his Ironblaster and all other units move accordingly to stop charges and distances. Magic phase I get 12 dice and 1 Warpstone Token still on both Seers. I cast Wither but its dispelled with his dice. He chose not to use the Hell Heart. A roll of 3 would of got my Plague Seer, and a 4 would have got my General. I then cast Skitterleap to put my Brass Orb 1" away from the Tyrant and Gutstar. Also cast Plague with a Power Scroll and take a few wounds on both Gutstar and Bull units. Shooting sees the Brass Orb thrown and hit the Ironguts. Tyrant, Butcher and 5 Ironguts disappear and the game seems mine now. Abomb munches the Ironblaster and over runs into the other one.

After this it was pretty straight forward. Abomb too the other Ironblaster, 2 more Mournfang and got the final kill of the game, the Stubborn BSB. In all I lost 560ish in points and he lost his whole army end of my turn 5.

So in my last 2 games vs Ogres I've tabled them. Still a tough match up. Want to try using my Furnace now and then soon my Screaming Bell. Oh and next time I'll take some photos to show you guys!