Friday, 16 December 2011

Ogres on eBay

I've put a few models which I've done in the last few days on eBay. I've had them laying around since the release so thought it was about time they go tpainted up and off to new homes. Here they are

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Painting Desk

I've got a fair bit on it. Mainly some Ogre Kingdoms models. An Ironblaster, Stonehorn, Thundertusk, 2 Mournfangs, an Anhillator Barge + Lord and 2 Haemonculi.
Should hopfully have these done end of the week. Only the Ironblaster is finished though >.<

Army Slowly Rising

The Warriors of Chaos are slowly coming together. Got 4 units done. Need to finish a few commisions and stuff for eBay so I'll come back the them next week :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Warriors of Chaos

So me and a friend have decided to meet up for a battle after the new year sometime. I want to try out my Warriors of Chaos and he will be using his Daemons. We have gone for 2000 points. I'm pretty set on List 1 in my previous post on my blog. With this army list brings its challenge. I haven't got any of it painted. Its all built (minus the Hellcannon) but not painted. So I'll be getting this army up to gaming standard, and then reviewing it aswell as the painting when the new book is out.

That leaves me 4-5 weeks to get the army done. Should be easy :)