Saturday, 2 June 2012

2400 Points vs Ogres

So recently I've not had time to have any games due to real life and painting so I managed to get a game in against one of my friends today. He wanted no restrictions and the points value of 2400. I told him I'm taking a competitive army as I haven't played for ages.

He took a competitive list too with inclusion of a Tyrant rather then Slaughtermaster. He also had 2 units of 2 Mournfang, 2 Ironblasters, Gutstar and some Orge Bulls aswell as characters and Sabretusks.

I took my usual 2x Grey Seer list, 3 Engineers, 3 Slaves blocks, 2 Clanrat units, 3 Rat Darts, Hell Pit, Doomwheel, 2 x Warp Lightning Cannons and 2 units of 6 or 7 Gutter Runners.

He wins first turn and is worried about the Cannons. Hits and wounds the first and only takes a wound. Shoots it down with the second Ironblaster. I stand and shoot vs a Sabretusk with the Gutter Runners and kill it. Get charged by a second. Drawn combat.

My turn my Hell Pit gets a 15" charge into a unit of 2 Mournfang. Doom wheel goes 4". Not much else. Magic doesn't do much. Cannon misfired and Doomwheel killed 3 of my Gutter Runners on other flank. Pass Panic test. I kill one Mournfang and win combat. He rolls Double 1 to stay in the fight.

He brings the rest forward including a charge with the Gutstar (including Tyrant and Bruiser) into the Doomwheel. Other unit of Mournfang fail a charge and go forward 2". Shooting brings down my other cannon. Magic does nothing again. Abomb kills second Mournfang and is now 3-4" away from an Ironblaster. Gutstar destroys Doomwheel and turn to my Clanrats with the expendable Plague Seer.

My turn, my Hell Pit charges his Ironblaster and all other units move accordingly to stop charges and distances. Magic phase I get 12 dice and 1 Warpstone Token still on both Seers. I cast Wither but its dispelled with his dice. He chose not to use the Hell Heart. A roll of 3 would of got my Plague Seer, and a 4 would have got my General. I then cast Skitterleap to put my Brass Orb 1" away from the Tyrant and Gutstar. Also cast Plague with a Power Scroll and take a few wounds on both Gutstar and Bull units. Shooting sees the Brass Orb thrown and hit the Ironguts. Tyrant, Butcher and 5 Ironguts disappear and the game seems mine now. Abomb munches the Ironblaster and over runs into the other one.

After this it was pretty straight forward. Abomb too the other Ironblaster, 2 more Mournfang and got the final kill of the game, the Stubborn BSB. In all I lost 560ish in points and he lost his whole army end of my turn 5.

So in my last 2 games vs Ogres I've tabled them. Still a tough match up. Want to try using my Furnace now and then soon my Screaming Bell. Oh and next time I'll take some photos to show you guys!

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