Friday, 22 April 2011

1600 Skaven List

So I'm increasing the points I play Warhammer now. Having picked up the rules quite quickly since last playing in 6th Edition, I believe 1000 points too small. I need more units to get used to before starting to go to tournaments. So heres my 1600 Point Skaven List. Let me know what you think.

Grey Seer, Ironcurse Icon
Chieftain, BSB, Halberd
Chieftain, Halberd, Poisoned Attacks
Engineer, Doomrocket

39 Clanrats, Hand weapons, Shields, Full Command
38 Clanrats, Hand weapons, Shields, Full Command, Poisoned Wind Mortar
45 Slaves
2 x 5 Giant Rats 1 Packmaster
5 Gutter Runners
2 Rat Ogres 1 Packmaster
HPA, Warpstone Spikes

I'm thinking about changing this alot. I want to get rid of the basic Chieftain with Poison, the Doomwheel and the Giant Rats. And add a Ward Save for the Seer, a WLC and add another few Rat Ogres. I also want to exchange one unit of Clanrats for Slaves and upgrade both units with Shields. While I'm quite tired right now, I don't think I'll add the points up tonight.


  1. Do you use Army Builder to help compile you army lists?

    Highly recommend it! Makes the points additions / subtractions and variations so, so much easier to work out and see quickly.

  2. I don't use army builder. I may try it one day. I usually just input what I want into a Excel speadsheet to create the army list then use the book as an index for troop values and characteristics.

  3. Yep. I used to do the same, but nice having a comprehensive database that shows you the rules associated with points additions etc.

    Posted on your Flickr colelction relating to your Screaming Bell project. Specifically related to your larger model paintings. - Do you make the entire model first prior to painting, or some painting whilst the models are still separated or in components?

    Do you use a consistent colour for your undercoating or do you change it?