Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Next Army?

So after the next few months I'll have all my Skaven finished. Looking at what's left to paint there is - Screaming Bell, 2 Grey Seers, 2 Warlords, BSB, Skrolk, Tretch, 50 Clanrats with Spears, 25 Stormvermin, 2 weapon teams, 6 Gutter Runners, and when I get round to buying one, a Forge World Vermin Lord.

So I've been thinking about what army I want to do next. While I love my Skaven, painted them reasonably nice and I'm happy with them, there isn't much variety and conversions and I rushed with the painting so I could use them. So for my next army I want an army I can play around with. Go to town on them with the paint job, make the bases more interesting and do a lot more conversions. So here are a few choices which I'm considering.

Beastmen - Now these are lovely models. The army seems like it could be converted well and I can play around with the bases making them all woodland like.

Lizardmen - Like Beastmen, I could have fun with these. Not as much in conversions but in regards to the bases. Lustria swamps etc. Would look good I think. I don't like the thought of loads of Skinks.

Ogre Kingdoms - These are big models with big bases. Loads to mess around with. The kits are interchangeable too so nice and easy. Only thing is everyone and their nan have them so have become quite boring to play against now.

Orcs & Goblins - I love most of these models. They seem to be quite fun and random like the Skaven. Again the only down side is the amount of models again. Damn horde armies!

Tomb Kings - Now these really strike me. Skeletons and the 'Egyptian' theme?? What isn't there to like? I'll tell you, painting so much bone.

Warriors of Chaos - Another army I could convert a lot of models and they look good. Also by the time the Skaven are done the new book might be out too.

So let me know what you guys think. I'm leaning towards the Tomb Kings, Beastmen or Orcs and Goblins. Where would you go after Skaven? What themes and conversions would you go with in regards to these three armies?


  1. Hey man,

    well from my point of view the lizards were the most fun army iv ever painted and had I been a decent modeler then I would have gone to town on the conversions. Like you I rushed through them to get them on the table so I could start playing! So im kinda in the same situation, got an army already so no pressure and I want to take my time. I think ive already told you why I went for ogres and i think its for similar reasons to you above so I can only sing their praises, your right everyone and their horse is playing ogres tho....

    Ive always liked tomb kings, love their fluff and models so that could be a solid choice, you could really go to town on basing them, could you even try basing them in a non desert way? Maybe oasis or jungle theme? What about using the Vampire counts skeletons? The look really nice and you could use grave guard as tomb guard? Would be a lot of conversions but a whole army done in that theme could be awesome? You could say/write fluff for it to be a lahmian vampire back in Khermi? Black knights would make excellent skeleton cav, terrorghiests as war sphinxes, crypt ghouls as ushabti, varghiests as carrion? Black coach as the casket of souls? If you converted all the models you could have a really unique army.

    Beasts have got a lovely range of models and they are screaming out to be painted in a different scheme to the standard brown and flesh, maybe dark greys and blacks? or whites (mountaint goats!) and snow base em? You could add some reds and blues to really contrast with the whites? the only let down would be using the minotaur models, but I saw a tutorial where I guys made an orc ogre army painting the skin green and putting black orc heads on instead of ogre heads, maybe you could put bestigor heads on ogre bulls/ironguts? Would be cheaper and you might get nicer models out of it? You could go really far with this and use a load of the ogre big kits to represent the big stuff in the beasts army.

    Orcs are orcs lol i think you could do alot with them and could come up with some nice paint schemes, maybe an escaped chaos dwarf slave army and paint the skin very very dark green or even black and red? only thing i would say is that you might not enjoy doing the project since its very similar to the skaven, eg high model count, similar random "woops!" game play. Just not sure it is enough of a change for you to enjoy it?

    hope this helps!

  2. Yeah I think I'm going to stay away from the Lizards. I do want to do an army with less models then that of my Skaven. I understand what you say about the Orcs and Goblins. They are still quite a horde army and I don't really want that.

    I agree with the Beasts. I would have to do something different to the normal browns and flesh colours.

    With the Tomb Kings, I'd want to use the Vampire count Skeletons but they don't come with a bow option and don't see much milage with standard Skeletons.

    In regards to what I own already, I have 30-40 of the old Orcs with two hand weapons. Just add some Savage Orcs and Night Goblins and I've got the core sorted. I have around 30-40 of the OOP Pestigor models. So these would be my Bestigor and I would have to convert the other Beasts in the army to be Nurgle? I think this could have milage? I'd have to include a Ghorgon just for the model. And for the Tomb Kings, I have a pack of magic cards...