Thursday, 18 August 2011

First 40K

Today I played my first game of 40K since 3rd edition. Its still just as fun and quick action paced!
We rolled an objective based game. My army was a Khorne Daemon Prince, Khorne Termi Lord Lightning Claws, Termi squad with claws, 10 Khornate Possessed, a squad of Bezerkers with Rhino and 2 squads of Plague Marines with Rhinos and 4 Obliterators. I think Peter took a Warboss with 10 Nobs in battlewagon, 15 burnas in battle wagon, 15-20 storm boyz with special character, 11 lootas, 2 x boyz. He went easy on me so I could learn.

The Daemon Prince, Possessed, Plague Marines and Obliterators all performed well. The bezerkers got it handed to them by his Warboss and Nobs.

I learnt alot and looking forward to my next game. I think I'm going to have to include a Nurgle Daemon Prince and maybe fill out my other squads a little. The Terminators will make way for this. Also I'm going to take a Defiler and give that a run out.

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