Thursday, 24 January 2013

Painted Skaven Ikit Claw

So I've finished the first model of the new Skaven army for 2013. I must be crazy going for a second Skaven army! So, I'm back from a long time away. I've decided to start a new Skaven army and this time around I have changed the basing, added some different colours and there will be more conversions and unit fillers. I have written some fluff and painted my first model which will be used as a Warlord. I'm still awaiting my mountain of plastic sprues to arrive.

Clan Variskikk

Clan Variskikk specialise in blending dark sorcery and arcane technology. Long been in the shadow of the predominant Clan Skyre, they have made a name for themselves and continue to build and sell to other smaller clans.

The clever Warlock Engineers of Clan Variskikk are ever busy creating experimental new weapons and continually tinkering with previous designs of their deadly arsenal. Event the clans Hell Pit Abomination has been bred with technology, science e and sorcery (and don't forget Warpstone) to create a truly disgusting and terrifying weapon.

Grey Seer Variskikk himself is a powerful sorcerer, able the channel the raw magical energies in the air and use it for destruction. Whilst his clan has expanded in size, so has his wealth. With this he has hordes of slaves at his disposal and will ever enter battle riding atop his Screaming Bell pushed by the finest Stormvermin. As Variskikk's reputation has spread far and wide, he has gained enemies in both the Underempire and above ground. In his later years, Variskikk has grown extremely paranoid and now never leaves the side of his hired swords. Two Assassin mercenaries from Clan Eshin. Many Warlords and Chieftains have tried to overturn Variskikk but have been quickly executed by these elite killers.

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  1. Love the paint job on this man. I'm painting some Skaven at the minute but I'm really struggling with the warpstone. The effect you've got here is awesome. Any chance of letting me in on the secret?