Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stripping Paint

So I thought I'd share how I strip paint off of metal models.

I like a lot of the older OOP metal models and prefer the weight of them to resin (although after a few new goes with the GW Finecast stuff I'm starting to like it a lot).

Tools needed -
Old Toothbrush
A container without a lid!
Acetone Free nail varnish remover.

First I pour the nail varnish remover into a container. I then put the models I want to strip into the solution.
After a few seconds you can usually see some of the paint 'bubbling'. I leave this for 10-15 minutes.

After this I come back and using the toothbrush I rub it along the model under running water. This takes the layers of paint off. Sometimes the model/parts need to take another soak in the solution.

Once done you should come out with an almost new model!


  1. Great tip mate! Does it work with all types of paint? Can it take varnish off too?

  2. I've only ever needed to use it on Acrylic paint. I'm going to try Dettol in a few weeks to see how that fares.