Monday, 2 April 2012

One day tournament.

So yesterday, I attended my first tournament. I took my Skaven army, that you can see on my blog. Three games held over the day 2400 points using the SCGT comp pack.

My first game I played vs Tom Richards and his Wood Elves. Never fought them, no idea what I needed to do and thus lost 18-2. Very good game and taught me alot!

Second game was against Chaos Dwarfs. Now I have always wanted to start this army and have indeed bought a few models last week for them. The list wasn't optiomised. No destoyer, no hell cannon and his Prophet Lord was on a taurus I believe. My army just couldnt finish off what was needed. His Lord was on one wound, 2 Chaos dwarfs feeling from one unit etc so I only managed a 11-9 win but my first win none the less and ended my 9 games loosing streak!

Third game was against my regular opponent Pete with his Ogres. Very fun game again and after turn 3 looked like it was in the bag. But like true Skaven style, F'd it up and lost 15-5 in the end!

I finished 12th but also took home Best Painted Army!


  1. Pictures next time of the tournament!

  2. Yeah will do. Tom Richards has our battle report coming on twitter soon aswell as his other games.