Thursday, 16 February 2012

Testing out my Tourny List

So I re-jiggled my tournament list. I removed the furnace and the Stormvermin and included more Gutter Runners, 30 Clanrats and another Grey Seer.

I played against Ben's Empire. He had a War Alter, 2 Warrior Priests, a Wizard Lord, a normal wizard, 3 Cannons, a Mortar, 40 Handgunners and 3 units of 35 Halberdiers I believe. Cut the long story short, my engineer threw the Brass Orb on the War Alter with a 2" Scatter and he failed his Initiative test so was taken off (please let me know if we played this wrong) his mortar wearnt hiting they were scattering which helped my BSB and General hiding at the back. The Doomrocket performed its best for me. Killing 16 Spearmen and the Gutter Runners...

Over the game they took 4 casualties form 2 x 10. In returen they killed his Level 4, all his warmachines, made a unit of handgunners panic, and the other unit run all the way to my table edge. These guys are good. Didn't manage to try out my Plagueclaw, wound have been nice vs all those T3 troops :)

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