Thursday, 7 April 2011

1000 Point Battle

So I played Jon's Undead. I thought it was going to be Vampire Counts. I was wrong. It was Tomb Kings he brang to the table. Whilst looking at his army, it seemed so small. He had his Tomb Prince, Liche Priest, 20 Skeleton Archers, 5 Heavy Horsemen, 10 Tomb Guard, 3 Ushabti and a Screamin Skull Catapult. I vastly out numbered him.

I rolled Scorch and Skitterleap which I traded for Warp Lightning and I won the roll for First turn. I had my two Slave blocks in the centre with the Engineer in one of these units, with the Clanrats and General and BSB behind them. On the left I had the Rat Ogres and the right the Hell Pit Abomination. Everything moved at full speed towards his army. Infront of the Rat Ogres was the Heavy Horsemen and the Tomb Guard and Prince behind them. In the middle of his line was the archers and on his other flank was the Ushabti. The Hell Pit proceeded towards these with a roll of 13. The winds of magic  wasn't kind. I rolled a 2 and a 1. I tried to channel another dice but failed. So I attempted Scorch on his Tomb Guard and Prince. I sucessfully cast it with two dice and he failed to dispel. It killed 2 Tomb Guard and inflicted 2 wounds on the Flamable Prince. Next up was Warp Lightning. I cast this with the last dice and he failed to dispel once again. 4 of his Skeleton Archers went crackle and fell into the dust.

So his turn saw his Horsemen charge my Rat Ogres and the Ushabti charge my Hell Pit. His magic phase also gave me 3 dice to dispel with but I managed to channel another dice. He attempted to get his archers to have a round of shooting, I dispeled it. His Priest done the same to the Catapult. I thought he might have 2 spells so only rolled 2 to dispel. He got it off and inflicted 6-7 wounds to one of the Slave units. With the General and BSB nearby I passed the LD test. Shooting phase saw the same. The archers took another 3 wounds of the unit and the Catapult must of done the same sort of damage to the Slaves. Once again they held their ground. The Hell Pit rolled Avalance of Flesh. The Ushabti took one wound to the failed Initiative test. They then took another 4 from the hits that came after removing one Ushabti and leaving another on one wound. He struck back and inflicted 3 wounds. While being new I asked him about Regeneration with out looking in my book. He said it was 6+ so I lost 3 wounds. But now I've looked its a 4+. MUST remember this in future! I won combat and he lost combat. The other combat saw the Rat Ogres smash the Horsemen into dust. They didn't even get an attack back.

My turn 2. I charged his Tomb Guard with the Rat Ogres and moved the Slaves and Clanrats forward. Magic saw me fail to cast Scorch and then wound myself with Warp Lightning. The HPA rolled Avalance again and killed the remaining 2 Ushabti. The Rat Ogres smashed the Tomb Guard up and left the command and one more. They attacked back and killed off one Rat Ogre with the help of the Prince. They lost combat and they were left to just the Prince and the Champion.

His turn saw the same thing happen in the Magic and Shooting phases. This time he targetted my Clanrats as the Slaves were too near. The Clanrats took 10 wounds and I lost 1 LD due to Strength in Numbers. But I passed the test without the need of the BSB.
Combat ensued and the pack masters whipped the last Tomb Guard to his knees. Then the 2 Rat Ogres in contact with the Prince annihilated him sending him into oblivion!

At the start of my Turm 3, he conceeded with having a unit of 16 Archers, Catapult and the Lich Priest. Victory!

I'm looking forward to playing him again when the new book comes out although I'm sure with the Sphinx's Heroic Killing Blow, the Hell Pit might be a bit scared! Also the decrease in the cost of Skeletons will help alot too as I vastly out numbered him! So far, Played 1. Won 1 :D

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